Spanish Property Purchase Checklist

These are the most important searches and services you need to have checked when buying a property in Spain. Whoever advises you, ensure that all these items are part of their remit.

  1. Obtain a contract you can understand in your own language
  2. Ask for confirmation about how and when you will pay
  3. Before signing documents, at least obtain advice from a lawyer (abogado) or property consultant.
    I personally consider it preferable for the legal representation to be separate from the estate agent or Consultant. Your own appointed Abogado has only your interests to consider
  4. A Nota Simple from the Registro de la Propiedad, showing that no mortgages are registered against the property
  5. A certificate of Referencia Catastral. The number itself appears on the IBI receipt. This is a separate land registry which concentrates on the actual site location as opposed to the 'Land Registry' which concentrates on Title and Ownership. It is essential to check that both registries' description of a property do not differ greatly. If it does it can mean there are problems and it should be checked to confirm which is correct
  6. A check on the legality and Planparcial if you are buying within an urbanization. You also need an assurance that a building permit is available if you buy a plot
  7. A check on the IBI or the Declaration de Obra Nueva. (This is proof or otherwise that the annual real estate taxes have been paid - or not.)
  8. A receipt for paid-up community charges and a copy of the Statutes if you buy within a condominium
  9. Copies of owner's paid up bills for electricity, water, rubbish collection and the telephone
  10. An Escritura de compraventa signed by a Notary
  11. Proof of payment of fees and taxes, and the 5% deposit to Hacienda if you buy from a non-resident
  12. An idea of how and when you will get your final escritura puiblica, which makes you the real owner
  13. Ensure that he investigates any likely problems relating to the LRAU or Valencian Land Grab Law, also that he realises you will hold him responsible if at a later date your property becomes a victim. If he backs off draw your own conclusions.
    The Costa Blanca News recently advised of problems in the areas of Marxqueria, Pedramala, Teulada, Villajoyosa etc but these are only the tip of the iceberg. Anywhere in the Valencian region, you can be a victim.
    For additional help check my Insurance or Solicitor Contacts

Lastly, many solicitors recommend which bank you should use, particularly if you are giving them Power of Attorney. Do ensure that the bank has English or your native language speaking staff. In my case he didn't and it made life very difficult causing us to change banks.

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