A Brief History of Spain

Spanish History from Predawn to the Present Day

Know your Spain

The following text is an amateur attempt to give the visitor to Spain a brief glimpse of the dramatic past history of this wonderful country. There are, quite possibly, many errors and omissions for which I apologise. I have, however, added many web site addresses for the enthusiast who wishes to investigate further this phenomenal history. I shall be pleased to hear your comments by email and to correct any specific errors.

AD or CE?

In the late 19th century, a movement started to relabel dates in a culturally neutral fashion. Though it has taken over a century, this is now globally recognised, and so CE (Common Era) is used in place of AD (Anno Domini) and BCE in place of BC.

Early History

Spain has traces of some of the most ancient human and neanderthal occupancy

Read more about the prehistory of Spain

Carthage and Rome

Spain during the Punic Wars and Roman conquest

Read about Carthagian and Roman Spain

The First Millenium

From the end of the Roman age and invasions of the Visigoths to the Moorish occupation

Read about Spain in the 1st millenium

The Second Millenium

From the Christian reconquest of Spain to Columbus' and Magellan's voyages of discovery

Read about Spain in the first half of the 2nd millenium

From the art of El Greco and the literature of Cervantes to the Spanish Armada

Read about 16th and 17th Century Spain

The wars of the Napoleonic era, Picasso and the end of empire

Read about Spain in the 18th and 19th Centuries

The Twentieth Century

Despotism, Civil War and Democracy - a time of social upheaval and hardship leading to an enlightened modern state

Read about 20th century Spain

Into the Third Millenium

From Al-Qaeda to the America's Cup - Spain shares the tribulations of the modern age, with the promise of good things for the future.

Read about Spain in the 21st century

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